Why does Hazel appear?
As an objective measurement of value, price is an important basic component for realizing value exchange. With the rapid development of blockchain, whether value can be exchanged at low cost safely and efficiently has become a core standard for measuring the application value of blockchain. Therefore, as it were, the measurement of application value of blockchain is inseparable from the objective measurement of assets on any chain.
Since the applications on the blockchain network are operated based on smart contracts, it is impossible to directly access true and trustworthy information outside the blockchain. Hazel intends to establish a mapping relationship on price of facts through the pledging of assets. This price-fact mapping relationship will serve as an important basis for triggering smart contracts.
Data Predictor
Data Consumer
Data Corrector
Where can Hazel be applied?
Hazel provides reasonable prices of currencies, volatility and other information, giving strong support for DeFi.
Trading Platform
Hazel provides a trading platform for diverse event data to circulate freely.
Information Analysis
The oracle machine Hazel will judge the result of a certain event with the function of information analysis, supporting that the on-chain contract automatically generates an evaluation system with the help of information analyst.
Market Prediction & Games
In addition to data requirements from diversified games of on-chain contracts, Hazel also offers a fully decentralized market for event prediction.
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What is oracle machine?
Oracle machine is one of the important infrastructures in the blockchain industry, which is also a mechanism for inputting off-chain information into the blockchain. Any off-chain information such as events, data and payment information can be recorded on the on-chain smart contracts through the oracle, thus expanding the application scenarios of smart contracts and helping the blockchain integrate with other industries.
What is Hazel?
Hazel is a blockchain-oriented prediction service which features decentralization, or more specifically, a new generation of verifiable oracle machine based on Polkadot. It aims to exactly support the on-chain operation of enterprise-level Internet applications with high-concurrency through consensus mechanisms, smart contracts, trusted computing, privacy protection and the interaction of on-chain and off-chain data.
What is the operating mechanism of Hazel?
Hazel is devoted to creating a fully decentralized oracle machine without credit endorsement through the pledging of assets by data predictors. The core concept of it is to correct prediction data on events to make them infinitely approach off-chain real-time data through the spontaneous arbitrage of the market.
What can I do with Hazel Tokens?
Token holders have the right to govern the oracle network and ecosystem there. What’s more, the benefits generated in the process of using data by data consumers will also belong to token holders.
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